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Alexis Eke

Alexis Eke is an illustrator and designer based in Toronto, Ontario. Inspired by Renaissance portraits andtraditional Japanese art, she illustrates Black women in a contemporary light. Her mission is to expand therepresentation of Black women in design and to evangelize, by creating a space for audiences to deeplyreflect on themselves and their relationship with God. With the foundation of a strong female Caribbean upbringing and relationship with God, she aims to usethese important aspects to design aunique space for audiences to view her work. Growing up with womenwith strong personalities, she has always viewed women as resilient and independent. This has latertranslated into her artwork, as all of her illustrations are of women, to reflect her cultural and personalexperience. Her clients include Adidas, the Art Gallery of Ontario, CBC, Globe and Mail, Nike Jordan, Palm BaySpritz, Polaris Music Prize––among others.
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