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Alana Palau


Alana Palau is a Los Angeles/New York based make-up artist with over 19 years of experience, working with the leading fashion brands like Burberry, MCM and Nike, photographers Collier, Micaiah Carter, and Yulia Gorbechenko, publications i-D and Harper’s Bazaar and public figures like New York Times bestselling author Elaine Welteroth and Frank Ocean. A true beauty maven, Alana discovered her passion for make up while growing up in the Detroit theater scene and playing in her mother’s vanity drawer. She later honed her skills while assisting some of the industry’s top make up artists. Alana’s whimsical and fresh approach to beauty consistently shines through in all of her work, whether for an avant-garde editorial piece or a fun commercial shoot. She is an expert at perfecting skin and creating supple looking complexions for all different tones. Alana uses her innate creativity to enhance other’s natural beauty and convey images of beauty that transcend the standard. She is also proudly part of Violet Grey's The Violet Code; The VIOLET CODE is a testing process and set of standards by which our community of top makeup artists, hairstylists, estheticians, dermatologists, and celebrity influencers distinguish the finest beauty products in the world from the tens of thousands on the market.

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